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The CTRF Cancer Genomics Project at Virginia Commonwealth University has begun searching for funding opportunities in research using a searchable database system called SPIN - Sponsored Programs Information Network.  It is a database of funding opportunities designed to identify external support for research, education, and development projects.  SPIN also searches federal , nonfederal, and corporate support for research, fellowships, post-doctoral opportunities, and equipment opportunities.  Each search contains a full detail synopsis including restrictions, deadline notes, and funding objectives. 

SPIN also contains GENIUS and SMARTS GENIUS is an expertise profile system that facilitates on-line CV generation.  This module is accessed through the SPIN site.  A GENIUS profile can be as extensive as a full CV or as brief as a name, e-mail address and department name.
SMARTS is a bridge between SPIN and GENIUS.  It automatically matches an investigator's GENIUS profile for funding opportunities and delivers daily updates with regard to new opportunities.  For more information on SPIN training please contact Mark Hampton at 827.2159 or email at




** Due to the small accumulation of related SMARTS documents, postings will be bi - monthly.



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